Maker Faires come in different shapes and sizes, from single day events featuring a few Makers (as a Mini Maker Faire) to multi-day festivals with hundreds of Makers. Find all the upcoming Maker Faires in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in this overview.

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Maker Faire Berlin: 52.461004, 13.549104
Maker Faire Hannover: 52.378000, 9.768780
Maker Faire Sachsen: 50.835432, 12.921295
Mini Maker Faire Dillingen/Saar: 49.354650, 6.721101
Maker Faire Vienna: 48.231600, 16.456100
Maker Faire im Norden: 54.325008, 10.145617
Maker Faire Bodensee: 47.676253, 9.505920
Thalia Mini Maker Faire Bremen: 53.075800, 8.807160
Wittwer Mini Maker Faire Stuttgart: 48.777913, 9.177457
Mini Maker Faire Gerolstein: 50.223872, 6.660140
Mini Maker Faire Aurich: 53.495794, 7.493019
Mini Maker Faire Halle: 51.482865, 11.957631
Thalia Mini Maker Faire Hamburg: 53.551085, 9.993682
Maker Faire Ruhr: 51.497900, 7.416360

Maker Faires featuring…

more than 150 Maker booths and more than 10k visitors

more than 50 Maker booths and more than als 3k visitors

up to 50 Maker booths and up to 3k visitors

up to 10 Maker booths and up to 2k book store customers

Upcoming Maker Faires

Maker Faire Date Venue
Mini Maker Faire Dillingen/Saar April 29, 2018 Stadthalle Dillingen
Maker Faire Vienna May 5/6, 2018 METAStadt
Maker Faire Berlin May 25–27, 2018 FEZ-Berlin
Maker Faire Bodensee June 2/3, 2018 Messe Friedrichshafen
Mini Maker Faire Aurich June 9, 2018 EEZ
Mini Maker Faire Halle June 30/July 1, 2018 Saline-Technikmuseum
Maker Faire Hannover September 14–16, 2018 Hannover Congress Centrum
Mini Maker Faire Gerolstein October 6/7, 2018 Rondell
Maker Faire im Norden November 17/18, 2018 Ostseekai, Kiel

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