Call for Makers Berlin

Maker Faire Berlin invites all makers and creative people to exhibit their projects and ideas. We’re looking for participants from these areas:

Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Co. ∙ Electronics ∙ Food · Hardware Hacking ∙ Wearables ∙ Internet of Things ∙  3D Printing ∙ Music · Quadrocopters ∙ Robots ∙ Crafting/DIY ∙ Craftsmanship ∙ Steampunk ∙ Science & research ∙ Recycling/Upcycling
…and many more


There are two types of booths at Maker Faire Berlin: With or without (small-scale) sales. If you manufacture creative products yourself, you are allowed to exhibit and sell them at Maker Faire, but you have to pay for your booth. Everyone else, including FabLabs, maker and hacker spaces and community workshops is a private maker and can exhibit for free.

We are also specifically welcoming project entries by school classes and groups, and by public institutions like youth centers. These groups need to be signed up by a contact person (like a teacher) who is 18 years or above.

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Commercial exhibitors can purchase a sponsoring package from our sales team.

Talks and workshops

We want to offer a wide range of workshops and an extensive conference program to our visitors. If you have a great topic that you want to talk about (no marketing/company talks), or the perfect hands-on activity for Maker Faire, we are looking forward to your entry!

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