Our Highlights

It would not be a Maker Faire without fascinating machines, alien constructions and fire-breathing contraptions! Look forward to experiencing these highlights at Maker Faire Berlin 2016:



These pirates from the future live off the remains of modern civilization. They roam the citys in search of valuable trash. Their strange vessels are build from iron scraps.

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Let’s get mechanical: This installation playes electronic music – with robots!
The robot installation MR-808 is a replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808 with robots playing the drum sounds.

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Cliff McLane photo bus

Dress up as a weird Maker in our photo bus!

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R2 Builders Club

A dream come true for modelmakers and Star Wars fans: Meet everyone’s favorite droid R2D2 live instead of just seeing him on pictures or the big screen. The Makers of R2 Builders’ Club are a worldwide community, helping everyone with how-tos to build their own droid.

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RoboCup is the largest international competition for robots. During Maker Faire Berlin, these soccer robots show their abilities. Their long term goal: Beat the human soccer world cup winner by 2050. Also on site are the participants of RoboCup Junior (age group 10–19) who will show their soccer and rescue robots.

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Lego Car

A vintage Volvo is being transformed into a Lego ride for charity. Kids kann build onto the car covered in Lego base plates to create a colorful piece of art.

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