We’re getting serious – ticket stores open!

Here we go. We’re getting serious and are opening our ticket stores!

Finally, you can experience creative Maker again in presence, exchange with specialists from the most diverse subject areas, experience the genius of inventions, learn a lot of new things and have a lot of fun together with other people.

As a premiere event we offer you this year a special treat in the south of Germany. In the heart of Baden-Württemberg, Innoport Reutlingen, Maker will present their inventions and are waiting for you to exchange ideas with them. Especially attractive, of course, for all those who have found the journey to northern Germany too far. Get your ticket now for the Maker Faire Baden-Württemberg from June 25-26. To the ticket store.

No Maker Faire year without a meeting in Hannover! Germany’s largest Maker Faire and biggest platform for maker will take place on September 10-11 at the Hannover Congress Centrum and Stadtpark. This year we offer you internationality. Exhibitors from a wide range of countries are invited to show the diversity, inventiveness and potential of Makers. Look forward to a grandiose spectacle and save your participation now, so that the excitement can last all the longer. To the ticket store.

If you are now thinking that you would much rather use our platform as a Maker and present YOUR own ideas: Click here for the Call for Makers. Join us and register as a Maker for a free booth. Be part of the community!