Seven reasons to participate in Maker Faire Hannover

The Maker Faire Hannover will take place on August 2023. Preparations are in full swing, the first highlights have already been booked and tickets are being bought in abundance.

There is plenty of room on around 7,500 square meters of exhibition space. Which Maker would like to exhibit? We are looking for creative projects, innovative impulses and exciting self-builds. Until the beginning of June, Makers are invited to register with their ideas and projects via the Call-for-Makers form.

Those who don’t want to exhibit but love to talk can share their vision with visitors and become a speaker! There will be slots available in the speaking program in the entertainment show on the outdoor stage. Workshops are also in high demand and can be submitted separately.

But what are the benefits of participating as a Maker at Maker Faire Hannover? We have collected and listed some reasons. Have fun reading:

  1. Use a platform to show the project to many people
    A Maker Faire represents a unique platform that does not exist elsewhere. Makers can take advantage of a fair space for free, no matter if they are total beginners or professionals. In the past, Maker Faire Hannover has attracted over 17,500 visitors in one weekend. Every exhibitor is offered the opportunity to show their own idea to many visitors in a relaxed atmosphere at an extremely versatile trade fair event.
  2. Press hype before, during and after Maker Faire – especially at MAKE
    Maker Faire is organized by the German-language Make magazine. This is part of the Heise Group and thus has an enormous advertising platform. In addition, the Maker Faire is a popular venue for the press due to its versatile creativity. Media attention in Make and other press portals is almost guaranteed.
  3. Learn from other makers and benefit from their different skills
    Where else can you meet so many different people with such diverse skills? The booth neighbor on the left is a professional in 3D printing/scanning, the neighbor on the right has years of experience in building robots, and the maker at the booth across the street loves to program computer games, while the exhibitor at the booth next to her is a professional in using embroidery machines. Here, the opportunity is offered to get in touch with other makers from other subject areas in the simplest way and to learn from each other. In this way, one’s own knowledge can be enriched and at the same time passed on. In addition, exciting new projects and cooperations can arise.
  4. Time for new friendships: Finally personal exchange with other makers again
    Maybe some of you felt a bit lonely during the lockdowns and longed for the exchange with like-minded people. Now this is finally possible again. At a Maker Faire, it can be guaranteed that an open exchange will take place around one’s own interests. New acquaintances can be made at the latest at the traditional get-together of all Makers and not infrequently these lead to a long-standing friendship, which is revived at every Maker Faire.
  5. Inspire others with your own project to become a Maker, too.
    Isn’t it great when you can inspire others with your own enthusiasm? At such an emotional event as the Maker Faire, enthusiasm bubbles up in almost every corner. Visitors are only too happy to be infected by this and are even happier when Makers encourage them with their unique projects to finally discover DIY for themselves.
  6. Sharing knowledge and making the world a little better
    With a 3D printer, it’s easy to print replacement parts for equipment that would otherwise have to be disposed of. Through upcycling, things that would not survive the circular economy are put to further use. Innovative projects around sustainability protect the environment and conserve resources. The instinctive thirst for knowledge of a Maker inspires to first think about functionality and benefit before buying a new product. As a Maker, you do your part to make the world a little bit better with your projects, but also with the knowledge that is shared with visitors at the Maker Faire.
  7. Have fun at one of the biggest Maker Faires worldwide
    If the above reasons are still not enough arguments to attend Maker Faire Hannover: Fun is guaranteed. Big, fire-breathing highlights, multicultural exchange, lots of wonderful creative people and a festival that can hardly be surpassed in individuality.

So don’t wait any longer, become part of the Maker Faire! Register here.