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Maker Faire Hannover – Ticketshop Open

It’s time, our ticket shop is open now! You can buy all tickets for the Maker Faire Hannover in our online shop. If you buy now, you even get a free digital edition of the German Make Magazine. Get going early because our early bird system makes it worth your while. From now until Sunday the 9th of April 2023 you will get a 20% reduction on your total ticket costs. From then up until the 28th of May you will receive 10% off. From the 29th of May our early bird option will close. You don’t even need a code. Simply add the tickets to your cart and the reduction will be given to you automatically.

If you still have questions, you can head over to our FYI or contact us under and our phone number: +49 511/5352-839.

Maker Faire Heilbronn on the 11.02.2023

On the 11.02.2023 between 10:00 and 18:00 o’clock the Maker Faire year will finally begin with the Maker Faire Heilbronn! With the Motto “Generate Your Ideas” the Maker Faire Heilbronn will be taking place at the Maker Space Experimenta introducing different societies, initiatives and much more. If you would like to take part as an exhibitor, you can reach the application form here. Amongst interesting exhibitions by societies like Code for Heilbronn e.V. and kn0ckw00d – 3D Art there will be lectures about artificial intelligence and much more. You can build an LED-Wulf or walking machines. Visiting is free so apply now as an exhibitor or visit the Maker Space Experimenta on the 11.02.2023.

Call for Universities, Colleges and Research Institute

Are you a university, college or research institute and want to present yourself or your research? Then you are in the right place! Be part of the Maker Faire Hannover as exhibitor completely for free! On the 19. & 20. august you can not only present your projects to our visitors but also get to know makers from all over the world. It’s the best way to reach future employees, interested people and draw attention to your project. All you need to do is fill out our Call for Makers-Form!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Dear community,

the year has almost come to a close. Time to relax, enjoy the season and perhaps finish some of the projects we didn’t have time for.

The Maker Faire Hannover was the highlight of the year and we are already looking forward to seeing you again in 2023. That’s why we want to invite you to join us on the 19. & 20. august on the Hannover Congress Center to present your projects and take part in the largest maker faire in Germany! Click here to get to the Call for Makers. Register and get your space for free!

Take a look at all the highlights of the Maker Faire Hannover in 2022 on our Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. On Instagram you can take part in our holiday giveaway and win amongst other things our cuddly Makey!

Happy Holidays and a happy New Year from your Make Events Crew

Kristina, Daniel & Leo

Seven reasons to participate in Maker Faire Hannover

The Maker Faire Hannover will take place on August 2023. Preparations are in full swing, the first highlights have already been booked and tickets are being bought in abundance.

There is plenty of room on around 7,500 square meters of exhibition space. Which Maker would like to exhibit? We are looking for creative projects, innovative impulses and exciting self-builds. Until the beginning of June, Makers are invited to register with their ideas and projects via the Call-for-Makers form.

Those who don’t want to exhibit but love to talk can share their vision with visitors and become a speaker! There will be slots available in the speaking program in the entertainment show on the outdoor stage. Workshops are also in high demand and can be submitted separately.

But what are the benefits of participating as a Maker at Maker Faire Hannover? We have collected and listed some reasons. Have fun reading:

  1. Use a platform to show the project to many people
    A Maker Faire represents a unique platform that does not exist elsewhere. Makers can take advantage of a fair space for free, no matter if they are total beginners or professionals. In the past, Maker Faire Hannover has attracted over 17,500 visitors in one weekend. Every exhibitor is offered the opportunity to show their own idea to many visitors in a relaxed atmosphere at an extremely versatile trade fair event.
  2. Press hype before, during and after Maker Faire – especially at MAKE
    Maker Faire is organized by the German-language Make magazine. This is part of the Heise Group and thus has an enormous advertising platform. In addition, the Maker Faire is a popular venue for the press due to its versatile creativity. Media attention in Make and other press portals is almost guaranteed.
  3. Learn from other makers and benefit from their different skills
    Where else can you meet so many different people with such diverse skills? The booth neighbor on the left is a professional in 3D printing/scanning, the neighbor on the right has years of experience in building robots, and the maker at the booth across the street loves to program computer games, while the exhibitor at the booth next to her is a professional in using embroidery machines. Here, the opportunity is offered to get in touch with other makers from other subject areas in the simplest way and to learn from each other. In this way, one’s own knowledge can be enriched and at the same time passed on. In addition, exciting new projects and cooperations can arise.
  4. Time for new friendships: Finally personal exchange with other makers again
    Maybe some of you felt a bit lonely during the lockdowns and longed for the exchange with like-minded people. Now this is finally possible again. At a Maker Faire, it can be guaranteed that an open exchange will take place around one’s own interests. New acquaintances can be made at the latest at the traditional get-together of all Makers and not infrequently these lead to a long-standing friendship, which is revived at every Maker Faire.
  5. Inspire others with your own project to become a Maker, too.
    Isn’t it great when you can inspire others with your own enthusiasm? At such an emotional event as the Maker Faire, enthusiasm bubbles up in almost every corner. Visitors are only too happy to be infected by this and are even happier when Makers encourage them with their unique projects to finally discover DIY for themselves.
  6. Sharing knowledge and making the world a little better
    With a 3D printer, it’s easy to print replacement parts for equipment that would otherwise have to be disposed of. Through upcycling, things that would not survive the circular economy are put to further use. Innovative projects around sustainability protect the environment and conserve resources. The instinctive thirst for knowledge of a Maker inspires to first think about functionality and benefit before buying a new product. As a Maker, you do your part to make the world a little bit better with your projects, but also with the knowledge that is shared with visitors at the Maker Faire.
  7. Have fun at one of the biggest Maker Faires worldwide
    If the above reasons are still not enough arguments to attend Maker Faire Hannover: Fun is guaranteed. Big, fire-breathing highlights, multicultural exchange, lots of wonderful creative people and a festival that can hardly be surpassed in individuality.

So don’t wait any longer, become part of the Maker Faire! Register here.

We’re getting serious – ticket stores open!

Here we go. We’re getting serious and are opening our ticket stores!

Finally, you can experience creative Maker again in presence, exchange with specialists from the most diverse subject areas, experience the genius of inventions, learn a lot of new things and have a lot of fun together with other people.

As a premiere event we offer you this year a special treat in the south of Germany. In the heart of Baden-Württemberg, Innoport Reutlingen, Maker will present their inventions and are waiting for you to exchange ideas with them. Especially attractive, of course, for all those who have found the journey to northern Germany too far. Get your ticket now for the Maker Faire Baden-Württemberg from June 25-26. To the ticket store.

No Maker Faire year without a meeting in Hannover! Germany’s largest Maker Faire and biggest platform for maker will take place on September 10-11 at the Hannover Congress Centrum and Stadtpark. This year we offer you internationality. Exhibitors from a wide range of countries are invited to show the diversity, inventiveness and potential of Makers. Look forward to a grandiose spectacle and save your participation now, so that the excitement can last all the longer. To the ticket store.

If you are now thinking that you would much rather use our platform as a Maker and present YOUR own ideas: Click here for the Call for Makers. Join us and register as a Maker for a free booth. Be part of the community!


Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to our Maker Faires next year!

Dear Community,

Once again, the year is almost over. Time to relax a bit and come to rest.

Unfortunately, we were not able to have a big Maker Faire as usual this year, but we had great virtual meetings with you at our Maker Faire Hannover – Digital Edition and the Make Entertainment Show! So we are even more excited about the plans for the upcoming year. We have a lot of new ideas and can’t wait to see you again at our Maker Faires AND virtually.

  • We will start the year digitally with the Maker Faire Germany – Digital Edition. It is already on 12 February. Look forward to 20 selected Makers and partners presenting their projects at virtual booths. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the Makers, network and ask questions. An entertainment show of the very best with a varied live program completes the five-hour event. Do you want your project to be there? Click here to apply.
  • From Berlin to the South … We are leaving the capital and moving our second big Maker Faire to Southern Germany. This makes Maker Faire Baden-Württemberg the second major flagship event in Germany for the Maker community, alongside Maker Faire Hannover. Join us, travel to the heart of Baden-Württemberg and marvel at the Maker scene of (southern) Germany. The event takes place on June 25 & 26. Click here for the Call for Makers.
  • Of course, Germany’s largest Maker Faire in Hannover is not to be missed. It will take place at the Hannover Congress Centrum on September 10 & 11. The Call for Makers is open and we are looking forward to your applications.For the time between the years we recommend our online platform Make Projects. Here you can present and develop your projects, but most of all connect with other makers. Share your ideas and stories with the community on Make Projects and bring joy and inspiration to others! By the way, from now on we will present the project of the month in our newsletter. To the platform.

We wish you all a merry Christmas season with your loved ones. Stay healthy and have a positive start into the new year!

Your Maker Faire Crew


Virtual exhibitor area – what awaits you as a Maker!

Are you also sad because now for the second time no Maker Faire can take place? Then you thought wrong! We will meet digitally this year! On 18 June it starts, mark the date in your calendar.

Become an exhibitor and get great entertainment and great knowledge right in your workshop. If you’re wondering, “A digital Maker Faire, how is that going to work?” you’d better prick up your ears, because the Maker Faire team has come up with something great for you:

The digital format will run via the event tool vystem and will be quite easy to use. Everyone will be able to find their way around without any prior introduction, so don’t be shy when clicking through! The four areas into which the show is divided are an entertainment show, a knowledge hub, the presentations, the topic tables and, of course, the exhibitor area.

By the way, a nice side effect of the Digital Edition is that exhibitors can also take a look around the trade fair while looking after their booth, which experience has shown to be lacking “in real life” 😉 But how does it work with the virtual exhibitor area anyway?

Every Maker who wants to participate in the Maker Faire Hannover 2021 can send us a short application via this form. Since space at the show is limited, the Maker Faire team will decide which exhibitors will get a virtual booth. This booth can be designed by the exhibitors themselves within less than 30 minutes with a video, photos, descriptions of the project, links to their own website and further information material. For more in-depth discussions and networking among themselves, event participants can then contact the Makers in 1:1 video calls via the exhibitor booth and exchange ideas with them.

The event will be rounded off with a subsequent get together with all exhibitors (surprise package included) and a real Maker Faire feeling will be created!

Your booth can then look something like this:

Of course, you can also enjoy the knowledge hub and the entertainment show in parallel. Beyond the exhibitor booth, as a Maker you can participate in topic tables where you can share your expertise and exchange ideas with others on specific topics.

So it’s network, inspire and finally see Makers again! Great ideas and inspiration for tinkering at home are just as much at the start as great entertainment, providing a vacation from the one-sided daily grind.

If you feel like showing your project or want to get more information, please visit the Maker Faire Hannover website. If you have further questions, feel free to send us an email ( or give us a call: But be quick – the Call for Makers is only open until April 30!

Maker Media wishes you a happy Easter!

The Maker Media GmbH wishes everyone a happy Easter. Times are special at the moment and nothing is the same as usual – even large family celebrations unfortunately fall flat at the moment due to the corona crisis.

But don’t let it get you down and still have a good time – as good as it gets.

Everything can – nothing must! The important thing is that you are well.

And for those whose thirst for action can never be great enough: register as a Maker for the Maker Faire Hannover by 5 July. On September 12th and 13th we will give you the opportunity to present your projects you are currently building to others for free – so don’t hesitate for long and register quickly. To the Call for Makers

To increase the anticipation you can also get tickets at 30% discount. You will receive the tickets by e-mail and can send them quickly and easily as a little Easter greeting to your loved ones.


Tickets Maker Faire Berlin: 30% discount!

The first round of advance ticket sales for the Maker Faire Berlin is over. From now on, all tickets for our creative Maker event in the capital city are available for purchase with a 30% discount on the full price. The offer is valid until 18 February.

You always wanted to learn programming? Following the motto “Where it’s cool to be smart” a wide range of activities such as coding, soldering or sewing invite you to participate. Workshops and lectures offer an even deeper insight into the world of Maker.

The Maker Faire Berlin is open for you on Saturday & Sunday, 18 – 19 April 2020 from 10am to 6pm in the location Arena Berlin. Meet hundreds of creative Makers from different countries and bring your family with you – the Maker Faire is a meeting point for young and old, nerds and creative, beginners and professionals.

Buy tickets now.