Welcome to the Maker Faire Hannover!

It’s great that you as a company are interested in a sponsorship for Maker Faire Hannover. 

August, 19-20, 2023
Hannover Congress Centrum

Below you will find some information. For additional questions and offer, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our promise: ENGAGEMENT
Our enthusiasm is all about making. This is what makes a Maker Faire authentic and thus creates the opportunity to concentrate enthusiasm and give it an exclusive setting. Enthusiasm connects people and that provides you with emotional leads at our event. Every new contact becomes an ambassador through enthusiasm and this multiplies its value. This is why we speak of an emotional-lead.












Providing space/visibility, platform, access

  • Enthusiasm for the new, the changing, the future
  • Biggest maker community in German-speaking countries
  • Access to creative people and their visions. To young talents as well as to professionals

Professionalizes the unique. Encourages the “imperfect”

  • Enthusiasm for individual and innovative ideas in combination with different expertise creates the possibility to raise innovation and individualism to a professional level

Offers a unique approach. Welcoming. Collaborative in its way

  • Connecting people through inspiration and ideas. Learning from each other
  • Huge workshop program. “Hands-on and try-out” is prioritized
  • Make Education: getting students engaged in STEM topics in a creative and fun way

For more information, please contact us by mail:


Director Maker Faire Germany
E-Mail: dnr@maker-media.de 

or the publishing office we have commissioned
Verlagsbüro ID GmbH & Co. KG
E-Mail: service@verlagsbuero-id.de